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Latest community notices and draft plans published below


Key Documents     - Uppingham First 2024  AGM Agenda 

                                - Vanguard Board Minutes May 2024 

                                - Uppingham First Board Minutes 25.4.2024

                                - Neighbourhood Forum Notes 4.4.2024

                                - Neighbourhood Forum Agenda 4.4.2024 

                                - Uppingham First Board Minutes 13.2.2024 

                                - February 24 Uppingham First Board Agenda

                                - December 2023 Uppingham First Minutes 

                                - December 2023 Neighbourhood Forum Notes 

                                - CPRE Rutland Response to the Options in the draft Local Plan

                                - Neighbourhood Forum Agenda December 2023 

                                - Neighbourhood Forum 2023 AGM Notes 

                               - Neighbourhood Forum Executive 2023 AGM Minutes

                               - 2023 Uppingham First AGM Minutes 

                               - 2023 Uppingham First Annual Report

                               - Uppingham First 2023 AGM Agenda

                               - Uppingham Police Stats July 2023 

                               - Uppingham Surgery Newsletter 

                               - Neighbourhood Forum 2023 AGM Agenda 

                               - Uppingham Board Minutes July 2023 

                               - How Do Defibrillators Work?

                               - Uppingham First Agenda July 2023

                               - Uppingham First Board Minutes April 2023

                               - Uppingham Crime Report March 2023

                               - Uppingham First Board Minutes February 2023

                               - RCC Budget Presentation to January 2023 UNF

                               - Uppingham Surgery Presention to January 2023 UNF 

                               - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum Notes January 2023 

                               - Uppingham Business Forum Notes January 2023

                               -  Uppingham Crime Report December 2022

                               - Community Emergency Plan Minutes December 2022

                               - PCC 2023 Police Budget Public Consultation

                               - Uppingham Crime Report November 2022

                               - Uppingham First December Minutes

                               - Community Approved Draft of Updated N Plan awaiting sign off by UTC

                               - Uppingham Crime Report September 2022

                               - Neighbourhood Forum 2022 AGM Minutes 

                               - Uppingham First 2022 AGM Minutes

                               - Uppingham First 2022 Annual Report  

                               - Neighbourhood Forum AGM Agenda - August 25th  

                               - Uppingham Crime Report - June 2022

                               - Notes of a Meeting of the Neighbourhood Forum - May 2022

                               - Neighbourhood Forum Newsletter - May 2022

                              -  Uppingham Crime Statistics April 2022

                              - Uppingham Crime Statistics for March 2022

                              - Uppingham Police Speeding Camera Report

                              - Police Crime Statistics

                              - Uppingham First March Board Minutes 

                              - March 2022 Uppingham First Board Agenda 

                              - February 2022 Vanguard Board Notes

                              - February 2022 Vanguard Board Agenda 

                              - Neighbourhood Forum Notes January 2022

                              - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Coordinator Group Minutes December 2021 

                              - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum 2021 AGM Minutes

                              - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Committe Minutes September 2021 

                              - Neighbourhood Forum Executive 2021 AGM Notes

                              - Tribute to Biz Club President Geoffrey Pointon

                              - Neighbourhood Forum 2021 August Newsletter

                              - Uppingham First Annual Report 2021

                              - Social Sundays 2021

                              - Uppingham First Board Minutes April 2021  

                              - Neighbourhood Forum Minutes and PCC Hustings Recording April 2021 

  - UppinghamCommmunity Emergency Plan Committee Minutes 10.1.2021

                             - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Committee Minutes 5.1.2021

                             - Uppingham First Board Agenda 17.12.2020

                             - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Committee Minutes 1.11.2020 

                             - Uppingham Homes CLT Board Meeting No 10 Minutes 

                             - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum Minutes September 15th 2020 

                             - UppinghamEmergencyPlanCommitteeMinutes20.9.2020.pdf 

                             - Uppingham School Newsletter to Residents 

                             - Report of a Meeting of the Community Emergency Committee with US and UCC  

                             - Notes of the August 2020 meeting of the Uppingham Vanguard Board

                             - Uppingham First Board Minutes July 2020

                             - UNF Thank you letter to Covid 19 Volunteers 

                             - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Committee  Minutes 28.6.2020 

                             - Uppingham First 2020 Annual Report 

                             - Uppingham First 2020 AGM Minutes 

                             - Covid 19 Survey 

                             - Uppingham Homes CLT Board Minutes No 7 

                             - Uppingham Homes CLT Board Minutes No 6

                             - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Committee Minutes 17.5.2020

                             - Uppingham Homes CLT Board Agenda May 13th 2020 

                             - Uppingham Vanguard Board Notes 

                             - Coronavirus accountable support structures in Uppingham, Rutland

                             - Uppingham First Minutes 7.4.2020 

                             - Uppingham Homes CLT Board Minutes 8.4.2020 

                             - Notes of a meeting of UppWatch Volunteers held on April 12th 2020

                             - Notes of a meeting of UppWatch Volunteers  held  on April 5th 2020

                             - Notes of a meeting of the Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Committte 9.3.2020  

                               - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan - April 2020 Edition 

                             - UppWatch Update 24.3.2020 

                               - Uppingham Surgery change of procedures notice 

                             - Closure statement from Welland Vale Nursery  

                             - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Coordinator Meeting Notes No1. 

                             - Uppingham Homes CLT Special General Meeting of Members

                             - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum Notes Jan 30th 2020

                               -Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum Newsletter January 2020

                             - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Update January 2020 

                             - Uppingham First Business Newsletter December 2019

                             - Uppingham Homes Presentation at Developer Event 7.12.2019

                             - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum Newsletter (Hustings + Meet the Developers)

                             - Uppingham Community Emergency Plan 2019 Update  

                             - Health Plan for Rutland - Proceedings of Public Conference September 4th 2019 

                             - Uppingham First 2019 AGM Board Minutes 

                             - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum 2019 Executive AGM Minutes 

                             - Upppingham Neighbourhood Forum 2019 AGM Minutes 

                             - Uppingham Homes CLT Board Minutes 28.8.2019

                             - Uppingham First Annual Report 2019 

                             - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum Newsletter August 2019

                         - Inaugural Board meeting of the Uppingham Homes Community Land Trust 

                             - Uppingham Vanguard Board Notes - July 2019  

                             - Well Designed Places publication featuring Uppingham as case study 

                             - Community Tribute to Robert Wills

                             - Rural Services Report 2018 Summary 

                             - Uppingham submission to the Future High Streets Fund  

                             - Badley Affordable Housing Trust Pre - Feasability Study Report    

                             - Uppingham Community Letter to Prime Minister 

                             - Uppingham Hopper Survey - January 2019  

                             - Uppingham Bypass Survey - January 2019 - Residents  

                             - Business Newsletter - December 2018

                             - Vanguard Board Notes - November 2018

                             - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum 2018 Review

                             - Uppingham First Consultation Response on St George's

                             - East Midlands in Bloom Judge's Remarks on The Beeches Residents Association Entry

                             - Response to the House of Lords Consultation on the Rural Economy

                             - Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum 2018 AGM Notes  

                             - Uppingham Emergency, Neighbourhood, Town Centre & Business Zones Plans

                             - Uppingham Hopper Timetable

                             - UppWatch Volunteer Handbook



See the Uppingham First Privacy Policy here


Town Centre and Business Zones Plan - A plan covering existing and new business zones of Uppingham and the town centre. The UTC&BZ Plan was prepared to complement the town's original Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan proposes a new joint blue light initiative, additional housing and the creation of an Uppingham Virtual High Street. See the plan at www.uppinghamneighbourhoodplan.info


Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan (First Edition) - The Plan passed successfully through its referendum on July 10th 2014. After a long legal action reaching all the way to the Supreme Court the plan was made by Rutland County Council on January 11th 2016. Read the Plan at www.uppinghamneighbourhoodplan.info 


Updating the Neighbourhood and Local Plans - The updated Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan is now under review by its External Examiner who has asked for more work to be  undertaken before it is submitted to a public ballot in late 2024. Rutland County Council has now completed public consultation on its draft Local Plan. See the CPRE  response above following consultation with local parishes. The updated plan is expected to be published in September 2024. 

  • Community Safety - Police, Fire and Ambulance 
  • Health and Social Care - organisation contact details 
  • Education and Skills  - includes Adult Education information 
  • Clubs and Societies - for community groups/sports clubs/charities (update coming soon)

                                                                Neighbourhood Forum Notes  


May 2024 


Vanguard Board Notes May 2024 published 

Uppingham First 2024 AGM Agenda published

April 24 Uppingham First Board Minutes published above

Uppingham Webcam now operational following maintenance


April 2024


Town Council hosting UNP External Examiner Hearing


Neighbourhood Forum 4.4.2024 Notes published above 


March 2024


April Neighbourhood Forum Agenda published above 


February 2024


Next Vanguard Board Meeting to be held on April 25th 2024 

(Blue Light Services; Education; Health and Wellbeing) 

Next Neighbourhood Forum Meeting to be held on Thursday April 4th 2024

To include presentation on new Banking Hub and update on Uppingham Post Office  

Uppingham First Minutes of February 13th 2024 published above 

Uppingham First Board Agenda published. See above. 



January 2024


January Vanguard Board Debates Rutland Local Plan

CPRE submits 13 page response to Local Plan. See above 

The Uppingham Community Emergency Plan is currently being updated   


November 2023 


Neighbourhod Plan final public consultation now completed

Draft Rutland Plan now under public consultation 

Uppingham First board to meet on  Tuesday December 12th 2023

Uppingham Neighbourhod Forum to meet on Thursday December 14th 2023

Uppingham Business Forum to meet on Tuesday December 5th 2023  


October 20023


UNP Regulation 16 Consultation commenced on September 22nd and closes on November 3rd 2023

RCC Cabinet praises draft Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan 

RCC October Cabinet papers include Rutland Local Plan Options Report 


September 2023 


RCC Cabinet compliments Uppiingham N Plan and approves it for Regulation 16  public consultation

UNF 2023 AGM Notes published above

UNF AGM approves partnership Annual Report 

Janet Thompson BEM re-electe as Forum Chair 2023/4 

Mark Shaw re-elected as Forum Vice Chair for 2023/4 


August 2023


UNF Executive AGM Minutes published above

First AGM Minutes published above

Uppingham First Annual Report published above 

Neighbourhood Forum 2023 AGM Agenda published above 

UF AGM Agenda published above

Vanguard Board to Review Uppingham Infrastructure requirements  

UF to submit Lottery bid for electric Hopper


July 2023


July Uppingham First Board minutes published above

'How Defibrillators Work' published above

Neighbourhood Forum AGM to be on August 24th 

Uppingham First AGM to be on Thursday August 17th 


June 2023


Uppingham First July Agenda published (see above)

Neighbourhood Forum AGM date set for Thursday August 17th  


April 2023


Uppingham First April Board Minutes published above

March crime figures for Uppingham published above 

Over 170 cars now expected at Stilton Cheese Run on Sunday April 23rd 


March 2023


Uppingham First February Board Minutes published above


January 2023


Regulation 14 consultation draft of the updated Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan published here 


Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum to meet on Thursday January 19th 2023. See meeting notes above.

Uppingham Business Forum to meet on Thursday January 12th 2023. See meeting notes above.

December crime figures published above.   


December 2022


UTC Signs off  Reg 14 N Plan 

Uppingham First  December Minutes published. See above 

November Crime figures published. See above  



October 2022


September crime figures published. See above


September 2022


UNF 2022 AGM Minutes published. See above  



August 2022


Uppingham First Annual Report published. See above. 


UNF AGM Agenda published - See above

Meeting includes presentations on new local plans, Uppingham surgery and the emergency services 


July 2022


June crime statistics published above  



June 2022


May UNF Minutes published. See weblink above


Gigaclear announces intention to extend its fibre broadband network to all of town 


May 2022


Neighbourhood Forum Newsletter published (see above) 

March and April crime figures for Uppingham published


April 2022


Uppingham Business Forum Reviews Action Plan for Station Road


March 2022


Uppingham First to meet on March 3rd.  Agenda and minutes above   




Vanguard Board met on February 17th. Minutes above.   




Neighbourhood Forum met on Thursday January 20th. Minutes above. 

Uppingham Business Forum to meet on Tuesday January 25th 

Uppingham First Board to meet Thursday  January 27th  



December 2021 


Uppingham Webcam infrastructure upgraded 


November 2021


2021 Uppingham Fatstock Show to be broadcast on Uppingham Webcam


UNF AGM Minutes published (see above) 


October 2021


Uppingham First submits town wish list to MP 


September 2021


Uppingham Vanguard Board to meet on Tuesday September 14th

Forum to attend East Midlands Women's Awards 

Janet Thompson re-elected as Chair of Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum for 2021/22

Community Emergency Plan Coordinators to meet to consider rise in school Covid-19 cases 


August 2021


Edward Baines re-elected as Chair of Uppingham First and David Ainslie BEM as Vice Chair 

Ron Simpson BEM re-elected as Chair of Uppingham Business Forum

Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum AGM fixed for August 26th 

Alicia Kearns MP and High Sheriff David Wood attend UF AGM - See minutes above 


June 2021


Neighbourhood Forum Chair Janet Thompson awarded BEM

Upppingham First 2021 AGM set for July 31st 



May 2021


Uppingham employers seek support for new Skills & Economic Development Zone 


April 2021


Social Sundays events agreed by County Council 

Uppingham hosts PCC Election Hustings on April 22nd. See Minutes above 

Uppingham First Board to meet on April 27th 

South East Business Zone Employers support relief road bid

Town Emergency Committee meets on April 11th 

Uppingham summer events now online at www.uppinghamfirst.co.uk 


March 2021


UNF Executive Committee meets. Minutes above. 

Local Skills and Employment Zone under debate  

Uppingham celebrates International Women's Day 


February 2021


UNF  Hosts Valentine's Evening Concert 

Uppingham First Board meets - Minutes above

Social Sundays dates agreed for 2021 

Uppingham Homes CLT new website  at www.uppinghamhomes.uk 



January 2021


Uppingham Homes CLT submits planning for 6 homes in Uppingham

Uppingham First to organise Covid-19 Health and Wellbeing 'Creative Arts' events during lockdown

First event - Music - Valentines Night - Feb 14th 2021   


December 2020


UTC creates Radio Rutland Working Group 

Uppingham First to meet and prepare for a post Brexit 2021 

Forum supports creation of Window of Hope

The Elms Residents Association (TERA) launched  


November 2020


Community Emergency Plan Team meet 1.11.2020 See minutes above


October 2020


Uppingham Homes CLT AGM date announced. See board minutes no 10 above


September 2020


NPAG Meets on September 24th 2020

Neighbourhood Forum meets on  September 15th via Zoom - Minutes above 

 See  Minutes of September Meeting of Uppingham Emergency Committee above 


August 2020


Community Emergency Committee meets with Uppingham School and UCC - See report above 

Uppingham Vanguard Board meets to consider town's future development

Uppingham nominees to the East Midlands Women's Award are:-

Liz Clarke, Lucy Stephenson and Janet Thompson   



July 2020


UNF Executive AGM re-elects Janet Thompson as UNF Chair for 2020/21

Mark Shaw re-elected as Vice Chair 

Chris Merricks appointed as NPAG Chair by Uppingham Town Council  


June 2020


Uppingham resident Chris Merricks nominated by large majority (11 votes to 5) to chair Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Group  for 2020/21



May 2020


Community Emergency Plan Committee launches Covid 19 support survey 

Uppingham Homes CLT Board meets. Minutes above  

Uppingham Coronavirus support structures published (above) 


April 2020


UppWatch Volunteers meet online using Zoom 

Uppingham Homes CLT Board Meeting Minutes published above 

Uppingham First Board Meeting Minutes published above 

Uppingham Hopper re-tasked to deliver groceries and medicines  


March 2020


Calls for help should go to enquiries@uppwatch.uk  

UppWatch forms additional team of volunteers to support community 

Uppingham Community Emergency Plan Coordinators meet. See notes above 




Rotary in Uppingham launches UppShop Cashless Society Project

Uppingham Homes CLT hosts special general meeting of members 


January 2020


January UNF Newsletter published. See above. 

Uppingham Community Emergency Plan updated (See www.uppinghamneighbourhoodplan.info)

Barclays Bank Manager to address Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum on January 30th

Executive Member David Ainslie awarded BEM in New Year Honours List  


December 2019


Rob Persani Chairs Forum Election Hustings

Uppingham Homes CLT on show at NPAG event on December 7th

Uppingham First board meets to review high street progress

Town Council evaluates Food Festival fiasco 


November 2019


Neighbourhood Forum offers to host election hustings

Cordinator meets Anne, Prinncess Royal 

Coop to support UNF for 2020

National Lottery provides further funding for  Uppingham Hopper 

Rotary and partners provide a further three defibrillators for Uppingham 


October 2019 


Uppingham Homes delgates to attend housebuilding conference at Birmingham NEC 

Uppingham First to attend Locality Affordable Housing Event in London

New Uppingham Gate Master Plan to be published

Dialogue with Anglian Water to improve Uppingham Water Treatment Plant commenced

Uppingham Hopper team prepare for severe winter with new winter tyres on standby for fitting    


September 2019


Uppingham Community Emergency Plan updated

Uppingham Town Council supports creation of Uppingham Homes CLT

Uppingham  Homes board meeting minutes published above

Forum AGM makes nominations to East Midlands Womens Awards

Uppingham First AGM appoints two new directors

High Sheriff visits Uppingham Business Forum AGM 


August 2019


Uppingham featured in government publication on well designed places (See doc above)

Neighbourhood Forum AGM to be held on August 29th 

Minutes of Uppingham Homes Inaugural Board Meeting published above 


July 2019


Uppingham community mourns loss of Robert Wills 

Temporary Uppingham First website now operational 

Uppingham Rotary raises over £1k for Uppingham Hopper with Rutland Big Band evening


June 2019


Vanguard Board to meet on June 27th 

Uppingham First to attend national housing conference in Manchester

Woolshop Owner Jane Lang elected as Chair of the Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan Committee 

Uppingham First launches new temporary website at www.uppinghamfirst.co.uk


May  2019


Town Council Election results reveal two new members of council

County Council Election results confirm one new county council member for Uppingham    


April 2019


Uppingham Hustings well attended with most candidates accepting an invitation to speak 


Eighteen candidates standing for 15 seats on Uppingham Town Council 

Five candidates standing for the 3 Uppingham seats on Rutland County Council  


UNF hosts 2019 Election Hustings on April 23rd 


UNF welcomes announcement that a significant number of new community and business candidates

are seeking election to Uppingham Town Council



March 2019


Badley Affordable Housing Trust secures Homes England funding  

Uppingham Town Clerk resigns  


February 2019


Forum publishes Bypass and Hopper Surveys (see above) 


January 2019


Uppingham First publishes Business Newsletter  


December 2018


Uppingham Hopper 6 Month Review Report to be published in January

Uppingham First to help create N Plan Design Toolkit


November 2018


Forum to attend national Locality conference

ABC Trail to be published online 


October 2018


Forum publishes 2018 Review 

(See top of page) 


August  2018


Police Chief to address UNF AGM on Police Special Constables 


July  2018


Uppingham Vanguard Board + meets July 24th - See meeting notes above 

Final draft of ABC Trail circulated to businesses 


June 2018


Forum AGM August 23rd 2018


May 2018


Uppingham Hopper Launched 


April 2018


Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum AGM to be held on Thursday May 17th at 7.30pm

Guest speakers include Victim Support


Uppingham First Community Partnership AGM to be held on Tuesday May 22nd at 6pm  


March 2018


Uppingham First Under 35's Housing Project Group meets with Uppingham Town Council

Executive Committee expresses concern about  modus operandi of new Neighbourhood Plan Committee 

Forum attends East Midlands Locality event

Forum prepares for new data regulation 


January 2018

Neighbourhood Forum to meet on Thurssday January 11th 2018 at 7.30pm in The Falcon Hotel

Youth Housing Project Group to meet to organise a Youth Listening Event


Forum attends Joint Blue Light Conference

Forum Chair meets Deputy Chief Constable

Housing Task Group visits Saffron Lane, Leicester project


UNF Executive Committee member Pam Dalby wins an East Midands Women's Award

Forum Coordinator Ron Simpson BEM awarded an East Midlands

lifetime achievement award for his work supporting women's development

Forum hosts talks with Police and Crime Commissioner

Forum Executive to lead on Youth Housing project

Further Hopper funding secured

Forum attends Safer Places discussions

Town hosts East Midlands Women's Awards


Forum AGM re-elects Janet Thompson as its Chair for 2017/18

Forum AGM supports continuation of the Uppingham Hopper

Forum adopts the Uppingham Community Emergency Plan

Forum supports independence for Rutland Healthwatch


Neighbourhood Forum Executive Committee AGM to be held on August 17th 2017

Uppingham Community Emergency Plan to be publicly adopted at UNF AGM on August 31st 2017


2017 AGM to be held on Thursday August 31st  at 7.30pm

June 2017

Forum attends 2107 Public Sector Show in London

Crowdfunding website page for Uppingham Hopper fund launched

Biz Club donates £500 to Hopper fund

Update of Uppingham Town Centre & Business Zones Plan to be published

Forum attends regional Community Transport Association event

UppWatch info leaflet distributed to all housholds - Scheme now has 18 volunteers

April 2017

Neighbourhod Forum attendance impresses Police and Crime Commissioner

UppWatch launched with 13 volunteers

Town's forward plans praised by regional and national agencies

March 2017

Neighbourhood Forum to meet on March 30th

PCC to attend Neighbourhood Forum

UppWatch to formally launch on the 20th anniversary of Rutland's Independence

Forum Rep to attend Locality event in the House of Commons

February 2017

Forum completes initial UppWatch volunteer training

Forum Coordinator invited to address Good Councillor conference

New Logo and branding agreed for UppWatch

Uppingham hosts Neighbourhood Planning Event

January 2017

Neighbourhood Forum met on January 5th and agreed community action plan

14 Residents to undertake training in February as pilot of UppWatch

November 2016

Forum to launch UppWatch in January 2017

in partnership with the Leicestershire and Rutland Rural Community Council

Uppingham First Partnership and UN Forum join CommunityTransport Association

September  2016

Forum supports Uppingham entry to the Great British High Street Awards

Forum directors support bid for community bus grant

August 2016

Forum members receive presentation on Good Neighbour Schemes

130 people attend the August Forum presentation on the Uppingham Town Centre & Business Zones Plan

   Uppingham First becomes a voting member of Locality

Uppingham  Hopper project runs luxury hamper raffle

July 2016

Uppingham electric car completes 3.5k mile journey around France

Special meeting of Forum to be arranged in August 2016

May 2016

AGM secret ballot on EU membership result (Remain 32 Leave 30)

EU Refugee presentation from RCC at AGM well received

April 2016

May 2016 AGM will consider offer of  free land for starter homes

Uppingham YouTube Channel launched

March 2016

Virtual High Street project to be the subject of an EU Leader Fund bid

2016 AGM will host debate on BREXIT

February 2016

Town to host visit by  Deputy Director, Cities and Growth Unit

Uppingham to trial White Space broadband

Uppingham Hopper trial to be extended

January 2016

Larkfleet CEO to address Neighbourhood Forum at 7pm on January 14th

Town Centre & Business Zones Plan proposes new development zone for Uppingham

Policing conference delayed until the Spring of 2016

December 2015

Uppingham Hopper carries over 1400 passengers in its first 11 weeks

Forum to meet on January 14th 2016

November 2015

Uppingham Hopper carries 700 passengers in its first 6 weeks

Supreme Court rejects Larkfleet attempt to challenge Neighbourhood Plan

Uppingham First to host conference on the future of community and business safety in Uppingham

October 2015

Uppingham Hopper carries 126 passengers in its first week

56 people attend October meeting of the Forum

September 2015

Uppingham listed in top five of Great British High Streets

Uppingham Hopper to launch on Monday October 5th

August 2015

Hopper Bus volunteers meet to agree operating procedures

Barclays Bank to present on 'scams' to October Forum

July 2015

Uppingham Hopper Bus arrives!

Next Neighbourhood Forum newsletter will be delivered in late July

Uppingham Neighbourhood Forum met on Thursday July 16th

Meeting considered the Bloor Planning submission for south of Leicester Road also the position with Larkfleet

June 2015

Coordinator Ron Simpson recognised in Queens Birthday Honours List

The Uppingham Bag and other branded products to be launched on July 2nd

Forum Executive represented at UNP Court of Appeal Hearing on June 4th

May 2015


Janet Thompson re-elected Chair of the Forum

Mark Shaw elected as Forum rep on Town Centre and Business Zone Plan Task Group

Uppingham in Bloom Executive Committee member Pam Dalby addresses Forum AGM

Eastern Counties Police Chief addresses AGM of Neighbourhood Forum

N Plan Primary School consultation to feature in national case study

Uppingham Business Forum to produce a 'How To' brochure for DCLG

Forum AGM - Thursday May 14th 2015 - 7.30pm in The Falcon Hotel  

UF Community Director Nomination Forms available from rons@clara.net  


April 2015

 Community delighted as Neil Wedge takes over the role of Uppingham Town Clerk

Community to debate call for a Neighbourhood Development Order on Heritage Site

N Plan Task Group to view housing proposals for Leicester Road

New faces to appear in Uppingham Town Council elections

March 2015

Events list updated at www.uppinghamfirst.co.uk

Rutland Lottery - Two residents win twice in 12 months

Forum AGM set for May 14th 2015

Janet Thompson elected as interim Forum Chair

Police Commander to address 2015 AGM

Forum to help launch new 'Good Neighbour' Schemes in Uppingham

February 2015

Forum welcomes proposal for Art Gallery at Welland Vale Nurseries

Forum expresses concern about quality and colour of footpath to Preston

January 2015

Forum celebrates Democracy Day with debate about future construct of Uppingham Town Council

Forum supports idea of Solar Farm to the East of the town

 Town Centre and Business Zone Plan Task Group has commenced work

Neighbourhood Forum approves Uppingham Webcam data sharing with police

Stockerston Road telephone box to house new style defibrillator

December  2014

Neighbourhood Plan supported by Justice Collins at Judical Review

Forum recommends against UTC and RCC approval for Larkfleet Planning Application

November 2014

Forum to support launch of Uppingham Webcam on November 26th 2014

Forum to host lunch with Chief Executive of the National Association of Local Councils

BRA defeats Limes, Firs & Spurs in Annual Quiz Competition

Neighbourhood Forum resolves to oppose Larkfleet Planning Application - Tuesday November 4th 2014

October 2014

Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan featured in October edition of Councillor Magazine

Town Council shortlists 7 candidates for Town Clerk vacancy

Uppingham to feature in a DCLG publication on Great British High Streets

A packed Forum meeting gives a cautious welcome to policing changes following a presentation by Inspector Louise Cordiner, Rutland LPU Commander

September 2014

Uppingham to address national conference on its approach to economic development

Uppingham an entrant to the Great British High Street Awards

Town Council secures grant for new Skateboard Park on Tod's Piece

Neighbourhood Plan to face Judicial Review mid November

August 2014


Uppingham secures three commendations and one category win in 2014 Towns Alive Awards

WW1 Evening with candlelit march and WW1 supper and presentation was held on August 4th

Uppingham Fete, Flower and Dog Show was held on Tod's Piece Saturday August 3rd


July 2014


Neighbourhood Plan approved at referendum on July 10th 2014 with 92% majority

In Bloom judges visited town on Monday July 7th 2014


June 2014


AGM elects Mark Shaw as Forum Chair

Forum votes to mount YES campaign for N Plan Referendum

Forum to distibute Referendum Edition of Neighbourhood Plan during first week in July



April 2014

Town Twinning members say goodby to Chair Roy Stephenson who is moving to be near family  

Official opening of Heritage Trail to be on May 4th 2014

Neighbourhood Forum Executive meet to consider RCC sports provision

Forum representatives  meet with RCC to secure trial of Uppingham Hopper Bus


March 2014


Uppingham based group launches the Rutland Lottery 

see www.uppinghamfirst.co.uk  


February 2014


Next Forum Meeting (May 2014) to debate:-

The Uppingham Emergency Plan

Radon Gas in Uppingham

Fracking in Rutland


January 2014


Neighbourhood Forum meeting held on January 15th sees best attendance yet (50+)

Forum to prepare Emergency Plan for Uppingham


December 2013


Forum to meet to approve final draft of N Plan

BIS representatives to visit Uppingham

Forum featured in AMT national event for Market Towns

Forum members try out BMW electric car


November 2013


Forum presents at Design Council in London

Forum represented at LEP Summit

BRA Incorporates


September 2013


BMW Electric Cars coming to Uppingham

Broadband speeds in excess of 900Mbs reported on The Beeches

 Forum helps design housing development

Neighbourhood Forum to meet September 26th at 7.30pm in The Falcon Hotel



August 2013

Forum to collaborate on Uppingham Hopper Project

Volunteers attend Voicebox workshop No 2 at Cricket Club




Forum reps attend Design Council Workshop to pilot community toolkit

Draft Uppingham Neighbouhood Plan published for public consultation

See www.uppinghamneighbourhoodplan.info


June 2013


Gigaclear Fibre Network now operating at 900Mb+ in the North East of Uppingham



May 2013


Forum AGM elects Mark Shaw as Chair for 2013/14

New Executive Committee also elected

Uppingham First Reps:- Mark Shaw, David Lewis, Janet Thompson

Rutland Consortium Rep: Phil Marston



April 2013


The next Neigbhourhood Forum meeting willl be held at the Falcon Hotel on Tuesday April 23rd at 7.30pm

Fibre Network launched on April 12th 2013



February 2013


April opening date set for Uppingham Fibre Network

Forum members meet Planning Minister Nick Boles MP

Forum commences construction of Neigbhourhood Skills Register

Saga agrees to pilot remote health care system on Uppingham Fibre Network


January 2013

Gigaclear Fibre Broadband Network construction under way

Development proposals for Tods Piece to be considered at next Forum Meeting

Housing proposals for South of Leicester Road submitted

International Bank and Supermarket Group express interest in Uppingham



December 2012


Forum to nominate new Uppingham First Directors in Jan 2013


November 2012


Firs Estate votes to have Gigaclear Fibre Network

BRA to fund Affordable Housing connections to Fibre Network


October 2012


Tods Piece Survey distributed by Town Council

N Plan Task Group Invites Developers to second round of talks

N Forum Coordinator Ron Simpson re-elected as Director of One East Midlands


September 2012

Well attended N Forum meeting reviews community vote on Development Sites

Development site survey produces 135 responses

N Plan Task Group to survey Tods Piece users

Neighourhood Plan Task Group Survey published. Return deadline 14.9.2012

Next Forum Meeting - September 27th 2012 - 7pm - The Falcon Hotel

Police and Crime Commissioner Event - October 23rd 2012 - 7pm - County Museum


August 2012


Forum to support Task Group community survey/community vote on development sites

Neighbourhood Plan Task Group Recommendations published

Forum Welcomes Branston Road Residents Forum into membership

Forum's work congratulated by Department of Communities and Local Government


July 2012

Forum Executive leads launch of Uppingham Open Access Broadband Network

June 2012


Neighbourhood Forum helps stage Neigbhourhood Plan Developer Day


May 2012


2012 AGM elects new Executive Committee

Mark Shaw elected to Board of Uppingham First


April 2012


Community Planning Day fixed for June 30th 2012

Forum AGM fixed for Thursday May 3rd 2012

Uppingham offered 1Gb Open Access Network

Forum Coordinator elected to coordinate new Rutland Consortium


March 2012


Uppingham to host first Rutland Consortium AGM on March 29th 2012


February 2012


Neighbourhood Plan Workshop February 4th 10am in the Town Hall

Come and help shape the future of Uppingham

January 2012


Uppingham Wifi Mast Bid submitted to BDUK and DEFRA

Forum meets 7pm January 18th Falcon Hotel

Forum Newsletter invites participation in Neighbourhood Plan


December 2011


Free Wifi launched in Uppingham Market Square December 6th 2011



October 2011


Standing Room only as Forum debates Neighbourhood Plan options


September 2011


Forum to debate Neighbourhood Plan


August 2011


Forum submits LAA Reward Grant Bid


July 2011


Construction of contact database begins

Forum AGM agrees to support creation of a new Rutland Consortium

Forum elects Executive Committee of three:

Neil Hermsen (BRA)  Michael Wellen (Rotary)   Ric Ellis (Social Enterprise)

Ron Simpson( Neighbourhood Watch) re-elected as:-

 Forum Coordinator and delegate to the new Rutland Consortium

Ric Ellis nominated for community directorship on Uppingham First

Forum supports Community Speedwatch