June 2017


Bloor Homes Leicester Road application approved by County Council 


March 2017


New Neighbourhood Plan Committee begins work on RCC Local Plan sites   


January 2017


Housing site C now has outline planning approval 

Housing site B is nearing aproval

Housing Site C land owners indicate they wish to proceed in next two years   


October 2016


UTC rejects Bloor Planning Application and calls for amendments  


February 2016


Resident donates free land for starter homes


January 2016


Plan 'made' by Rutland County Council

Bloor Homes revises housing plans



JUNE 2015


Plan's Principal Author recognised in Queens Birthday Honours List

Joint Venture created to build Uppingham Mast

Task Group attends Court of Appeal Hearing on June 4th

Task Group meets with Bloor Homes to finalise housing plans  



MAY  2015


Bloor Homes proposals for Site C well received following public exhibition 


Government to offer support for the Plan at the Court of Appeal hearing on June 3rd/4th   


APRIL 2015


Larkfleet secures leave to appeal

Task Group to view plans for Leicester Road

Joint Venture company to build Uppingham Mast




New Task Group commences work on a Town Centre and Business Zone Plan intended to complement the Neighbourhood Plan




Larkfleet fails in Judical Review attempt to block Plan

Currently seeking leave to appeal




Judicial Review to be heard November 13th/14th 2014

Town pressing ahead with many of the proposals in the Plan 


JULY 2014


Neighbourhood Plan passes referendum on July 10th with 92% in favour.


Developer Larkfleet seeking Judical Review 


JUNE 2014


Town Council agrees to print and publish Referendum Edition of N Plan



MAY 2014


Plan approved by External Examiner (with modifications)




Plan undergoing External Examination




Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan out to public consultation. Closes March 10th 2014




See approved Plan and supporting documentation at www.uppinghamneighbourhoodplan.info





Final Draft approved by Uppingham Town Council on December 23rd 2013

Public consultation on final draft closed on December 19th




Town Council publishes revised Neighbourhood Plan for consultation 




Town Council to approve second draft mid October for public consultation 




Draft 2 supported by Neighbourhood Forum

Modified Plan presented to Neighbourhood Forum Meeting


JULY 2013


First draft of N Plan published and ciruclted to all households

Public Consultaton Period

Responses to be considered by Task Group on July 31st and August 6th

Modified Plan to be published for second consultation   


MAY 2013


Town Council amends Neighbourhood Plan

Neigbourhood Forum AGM applauds N Plan

Business Forum AGM endorses N Plan


APRIL 2013


New web site to be launched at www.uppinghamneighbourhoodplan.info  

Task Group chooses four sites for housing development

Draft N Plan to be presented at Neighbourhood Forum Meeting on April 23rd


MARCH 2013


DCLG team reviews draft plan


Design Council team to visit on 28th


Town Council to have first viewing of Draft Plan


Town Council to host Community Hub workshop





Planning Minister Nick Boles MP  visits Uppingham


County Council agrees to acknowledge N Plan in Rutland Local Plan 


Business survey on future of town centre distributed


Task Group Visits Thame


Drafting of Plan commenced




Architect David Allsop agrees to model community ideas for Tods Piece


Town Council commissions Locality project to evaluate possible sites for Community Hub




Town Council distributes Tods Piece Questionnaires

Task Group invites Developers to second round of discussions

DCLG meets Task Group and Business Forum




Also public vote in support or against recommendations 29.9.2012


In Order:


Site Reference; Site Address; Task Group Comment; Estimated No of Dwellings; Task Group Recommendation

                                                  %For                   % Against                         Don't Know



UPP01 Seaton Road


Too far from facilities. Contrary to RCC Core Strategy ? Not supported


                                                        51%                           35%                            14%


UPP02 Field, White House Glaston Road


Dangerous access onto already dangerous road. Contrary to RCC Core Strategy ? Not supported

                                                          59%                          28%                            13%


UPP03 Field next to A47 roundabout


Contravenes RCC policy which sets out criteria for open spaces and frontages. Has poor access via Firs Avenue in presented scheme ? Not supported

                                                           76%                           9%                           14%


UPP04 Leicester Road


Small development in line with UTC preferred options. Meets cluster criteria subject to house types 14 Supported

                                                          89%                              5%                           6%


UPP05 North of Leicester Road


Suitable for part development of mixed dwellings. Cluster/Village Green concept important in presented scheme 50


                                                           85%                              9%                          7%


UPP 06 North of Leicester Road


Suitable for part development of mixed dwellings. Cluster/Village Green concept important in presented scheme 50 Supported

                                                           65%                               28%                         7%


UPP07 & UPP26 Land off Hazel Close on the Beeches


Small number of Executive houses possible? Not in North West Quarter but would complete The Beeches development 18 Supported

                                                           87%                                  8%                        5%


UPP08 Glaston Road


Not considered suitable for development Not supported

                                                           54%                                   4%                       41%


UPP09 Land at London Road, Red Hill


Query regarding other uses. Refer back to RCC for more info. Not supported

                                                           73%                                    7%                     20%


UPP10 Leicester Road


Development here would relieve North West Quarter requirements.100. Supported

                                                           70%                                    23%                    7%


UPP11 & UPP24 Queens Road. West of 17 Johnson Road


Small development to include affordable dwellings.10. Supported

                                                           59%                                    30%                    12%


UPP12 UPP13 UPP14 Queen Street. North Street East


North Street East Existing Car Parks. In line with policy. Not supported for development

                                                            85%                                     2%                    13%


UPP15 Land adjacent to Uppingham Gate


Should be designated as employment land (light industry)High tech possibilities because of new fibre network?

Garage, Farm Shop, Starter Units supported? Supported

                                                            87%                                      7%                      7%


UPP16 Land off the Quadrant


Contravenes RCC Core Strategy. 0. Not supported

                                                             53%                                     33%                     14%


UPP17 Ayston Road/North Street East


Should be retained for car parking. Not supported

                                                             80%                                       7%                      7%


UPP18 Queens Road /Leicester Road


Small Development. Could assist cluster and affordable targets.18.  Supported

                                                             60%                                       33%                     7%


UPP19 Land at 56 Gypsy Hollow


Small Development. Could assist cluster and affordable objectives.12. Supported

                                                             86%                                         7%                      7%


UPP20 Land west of Branston Road


Could assist cluster and affordable targets 20  Supported

                                                              85%                                        9%                      7%


UPP21 North West of 18-40 Branston Road


Should be preserved predominently as open space/green site. 0. Comment supported

                                                              87%                                        4%                      9%


UPP22 North of 1-8 Farleigh Gardens


Retirement homes. 8. Supported

                                                               88%                                       3%                      9%


UPP23 South of 18 Branston Road.


Three dwellings 3 Supported

                                                                61%                                      28%                    11%


UPP25 Spring Back Way


Existing green space 0 Not supported for development

                                                                82%                                       6%                     12%


TOTAL Housing properties 303 (estimated)


Note that County Plan is likely to reduce housing requirement to around 180 houses.